Dioxazine Purple

This page is dedicated to dioxazine purple.  It isn't one of my favorite colors, but it is always present on my oil painting palette.  I like using if for shadows, and I love mixing it with transparent orange which produces a lovely golden color.  If I were forced to have a very limited palette, dioxazine purple would be one of the first colors I'd put on my palette paper.  

The page below was inspired by one of my favorite paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago: Pardon in Brittany by Gaston la Touche. The light and shadow in the painting honestly took my breath away.  I had walked into one of the impressionists galleries, and when I turned to leave, BAM!  I was gobsmacked by this lovely painting depicting dusk.  The painting seemed to glow with a thousand candles, and the shadows were rich and lovely.  It took lots of willpower to walk away.

I drew the tube of dioxazine purple with Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils.  I used complementary ephemera and washi tape to highlight the la Touche painting.

I featured a photo of one of my favorite paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago: Gaston La Touche's "Pardon in Brittany."  The light and shadows in the painting took my breath away.

I used several shades of purple to draw the pansy, below.  Pansies give color to Southern gardens all winter.  I couldn't resist the deep, dark carnation I cut from a magazine.  I would love to start growing carnations in our garden!

More purple but this time with Prismacolor colored pencils.

The page below was inspired by the spirit of the people of Houston, Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  My little tribute is a drawing of the Texas Bluebonnet with a variety of pinks, purples, and blues.

I enjoyed drawing the Texas bluebonnet for this post with Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils.  I also enjoyed the collage process of this page, too.  The memoir Forty Autumns by Nina Willner is featured on this page.  It's the incredible story of a family's undaunted courage in East Germany during the Cold War.  You my read my review of Forty Autumns on my other blog using THIS LINK.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill