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July Art Snacks Challenge

I am a fan of the Art Snacks.  Art Snacks is a subscription box for artists.  Each month, I receive four or five art supplies, and I've discovered new things that I actually use.  Its a fun: Who doesn't enjoy getting gifts in the mail?

Once we open our boxes, we're challenged to use them for an art project.  Here is July's Art Snack and my creation:

The snack included the Derwent 2-in-1 Sharpener, a Derwent Graphic HB Pencil, Pentel's Duopoint Flex Double-Ended Brush Pen, and Caran d'Ache Museum Aquarelle Pencils.

My favorites in this month's box are the Derwent Aquarelle Museum Pencils.  They're water soluble, and they just happened to send me Cubbies colors!

Until next time...
Blessings! Ricki Jill

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